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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Healer

The Healer

by Bonnie Franklin 1992

What do you see as you stand
Before the millions ministering for Me?
What do you hear as you see the falling tears
Of a mother, a son, a friend with her loved one?

What do you feel out under the lights?
The warmth of my presence the Father of lights.
What do you smell as the choir does sing?
The fragrance of incense - a Holy Offering.

What do you touch as you take someone’s hand?
A dear brother & sister
As they rise to walk again.
What do you know
As the Scriptures you quote?
Promises of long ago now coming true for you.

It is Me that you see
In the tears on their cheeks;
It is Me that you feel
As they do sing the anthems sweet.

It is Me that you hear
As they shout loud and clear,
“I am healed; I am free;
The Lord has touched Me!”
It is Me that you do see
Down deep in their eyes
As they reach out their hands
As you walk and pass by.

Yes, it is Me now in thee
That they can see in you.
I Am in everything that you say and you do;
I Am in your smile as you look upon their face;
I Am in your touch and your loving embrace;
I Am in your jump as you do leap so with glee;
I Am in the many crowds that follow closely.

It is Me, my sons, that they see
As I live now through you
For the old man had died
And the new one shines through.
It’s the light of my Spirit
And the hope of my dreams
The joy of my presence
They can sense now through thee
And as you do humbly allow Me
To be in thee.

Yea, shall all men now know
And all men now see
The light of my Spirit
And the joy of my face
The love of my heart
As each child you so lovingly take.

It is Me that they love
And as I do so love you
I will walk nigh in friendship
For I’ve discipled you now, too.
Walk on, my Peter
Stand tall, my Paul
Doubt not, my Thomas,
Frail not, my son, John.

Will you all be
Apostles for Me?
Ones, who will teach, train and lead?
And surely, I also will you companions bring
As Paul had my Silas,
And Barnabas and Timothy
As James had his Peter and Andrew and John
Yea, there are others who are coming
To follow close to my Son.

So, go forth and proclaim ye
The great Good News;
The Messiah is coming
The Scriptures are true.
“Rise and be healed”
“He touched me” it’s true;
The songs of the redeemed,
Of the souls set free,
Now resound deep within in you.

Raise your voice now
And with the Angels sing to the sky,
“Yeshua, it is you and not I
You are come that they might have life
And life more abundantly;
You are come to heal the sick
And to set the captives free;
You are come to raise the dead
And to make the blind eyes to see;
You are come to restore the hope
Of life eternally in the hearts of humanity.”

“You are come to heal the deaf
And to make the children speak again;
You are come, so that the lame might stand
And rise to walk again;
You are come to loose the tongue
That the voices might sing again;
You are come, to show one and all,
I Am, that I Am, that I Am.”

Written for Alfian Palar

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